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Our Partnership with Parents


Nobody knows your child better than you do, and we know how hard it is to hand them over to somebody else’s care. That’s why it’s so important to us that you have total confidence that while your child is here they are being nurtured, protected and empowered to the high standards you rightly expect.

Every child at the nursery is allocated their own personal Key Worker, who is there to support them and you through the settling-in process and on into their individual learning journey. As well as helping them get oriented to and comfortable in their new environment during the early days, your child’s Key Worker will monitor and regularly update you on their progress on an ongoing basis as they continue to grow, learn and explore.

It isn’t a one way conversation, either - your Key Worker is here to answer any questions you have, provide advice and talk about anything that’s concerning you. We strongly encourage you to share with them the progress that your child makes at home so that they can reinforce new skills and help to enhance the learning that children are doing every minute of every day at this crucial age.

The close bond our Key Workers share with parents means that they remain fully informed, updated and can be secure in the knowledge that someone is keeping a watchful eye on their precious little one while they’re away from home. Your Key Worker will work in collaboration with you to help your child fulfil their potential. Parents are able to monitor their child's progress via an online App to see what they've been doing during the day and can communicate directly with the nursery to let us know about any special events at home.

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