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Spanish Lessons


There are many planned activities that the children are involved in during the day. The Room Managers and Practitioners get together to plan each week and month with fun tasks for the children to take part in. We also have a timetable of classes that we run, making use of the special skills that our staff members have. These classes are free of charge.

Social and Cultural Enrichment


Routine is important to children, and our diverse and engaging curriculum is planned out carefully by our skilled practitioners.


Beyond the daily agenda, though, we love to provide additional opportunities for your child to have new experiences, learn new skills and develop a real sense of community with the friends they make at nursery. 


Our monthly events calendar provides fun ways to mark national and international awareness days, recognises a variety of important cultural and religious dates and features plenty of extra special experiences ‘just because’. We encourage parents to get involved in our programme of activities when they’re able, and are passionate about the important contribution that families make to developing and growing our nursery’s unique blended culture.


Events range from visits out to carefully selected locations in the community to special guest educators and entertainers; from fun theme days to more structured updates like parents’ evenings. Our sports days celebrate physical achievement and team work, encourage gentle competition and aid in the development of important social skills.


We host fun collaborative events like carol concerts which build confidence, as well as graduation parties to encourage the children to be proud of their individual achievements.


All of our events are designed to stimulate the children’s brains, provide exposure to new perspectives and enhance their personal and emotional growth as well as their learning.

Close to Nature


Getting out into the fresh air makes a huge difference to everyone’s mood, and children are no different. The sense of freedom that comes with outside play lends itself to running, jumping and skipping, all joyful activities which help to cement positive associations between fun and living an active, healthy lifestyle.


Our safe and secure playground is designed to provide sensory stimulation and opportunities to develop gross motor skills, a place to twirl and laugh and become confident in the great outdoors. From sand pits to hula hoops and from bikes to trikes, outside play equipment provides endless opportunities to develop and refine physical skills.


Activities change seasonally, with learning outcomes and resources carefully planned to take advantage of the good weather in the spring and summer. The experience of planting and growing their own vegetables and herbs then eating them together on a sunny day is one which never fails to inspire a profound sense of wonder in our children. We hope that the opportunities we provide will foster a life-long love of nature that will continue to enhance their wellbeing in years to come.

Movement and Dancing

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